Thiruvannamalai Girivala Pathai

Salem 5 Roads Flyover

Vandalur Grade Seperator

Construction & Maintenance

C&M wing vested with the reponsibiliy of constructing and maintaining the road network of SH, MDR & ODR categories in the entire state apart from constructing and Maintaining major bridges and bypasses.

Widening , Strengthening/Improvement and Improvement to Riding Quality (IRQP) of roads, Construction of Bridges, Culverts, Bypasses, Road safety works under various schemes and major infrastructure projects like construction of flyovers / Grade separators are undertaken by the Wing

C&M wing maintaining 11893 km length of SH, 11625 km length of MDR and 41054 km length of ODR.

Road safety is an integral part of road design right from planning stage and safety audit of highways has been taken-up to identify vulnerable spots. High priority has been accorded to rectification of black spots in the highways. The Highways Department had undertaken various measures to improve the road geometry during the period of 2014-15 to 2018-19, a total amount of Rs.1152.19 crore has been allocated for these works.

The Highways Department aims at an efficient and safe traffic system. Increased. vehicular population, advent in automobile technology is demanding safer roads.

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